CrodeoApes Project Set to Release Roadmap and Rebuild for Success

The comeback of CrodeoApes

The CrodeoApes NFT project on Cronos is making a comeback and will soon release its updated roadmap. We extend our congratulations to all holders of the first 2 collections for their unwavering support. Together, let’s rebuild and establish our presence in the market. We’re here for the long haul and committed to achieving success.

New CrodeoApes NFT Roadmap to Launch on February 26th, Bringing Exciting Opportunities for Holders and Investors. Join the Alliance and Invest in the Future. Yeeehawww!

Why were changes made to the upcoming roadmap?

We have recently made changes to our roadmap to ensure that our plans are more realistic in the short term and long term. Our decision reflects our commitment to being flexible and adaptable to the current market conditions, while also delivering on our promises in a timely and sustainable manner.

Our changes to the roadmap involve prioritizing the development of the core functionalities of our project, such as enhancing the user experience and expanding the platform’s capabilities. This move will ensure that our project goals are scalable.

In conclusion, the changes we have made to our roadmap demonstrate our commitment to delivering a sustainable and functional platform, even if that means delaying some of our more ambitious plans in the short term. By being transparent and communicating clearly with our community, we are building trust and credibility, which will ultimately benefit our project in the long run.

CrodeoApes NFT Project Launching Updated Roadmap