Join the CrodeoApes Alliance NFT Project on the Cronos Blockchain for Exciting Trading and Passive Income Opportunities

Welcome to the CrodeoApes Alliance, the first-ever trading-based NFT project launched on the Cronos blockchain. With a trading wallet built into the project, holders can earn a passive income. As we enter 2023, CrodeoApes is committed to reclaiming its spot on the Cronos Map and satisfying its current holders. If you’re new to the project, read about its history on the CrodeoApes website. Check Out the Full Roadmap and Project History, Join the Alliance today and invest in the future with us. Yeeehaww!
Join The Alliance, Invest in the future - CrodeoApes

Buy a CrodeoApe

Currently, the purchase of a new CrodeoApe is not available. However, we are excited to announce the upcoming release of a complete collection in the coming months. Holders of the First Alliance and the Reinforcements Alliance will have the opportunity to claim a CrodeoApe from the upcoming “complete collection”, and their wallets will be  whitelisted.


In March 2022, CrodeoApes, a Cronos NFT collection, made its debut on Lootpad and sold out within seconds despite a mistake in the smart contract. Following the success, we found analysts willing to post signals for CrodeoApe holders, but the Reinforcements Alliance Collection launch halted this service. Due to budgetary and market setbacks, we paused our roadmap, but we are now thrilled to resume our journey and achieve our goals in 2023 with the launch of the highly anticipated Cronos NFT collection. Stay tuned for exciting developments on the horizon, Yeehaww!

Roadmap 2023

The new CrodeoApes roadmap is out now! Hover over the stars to see the roadmap milestones.. This roadmap covers the timespan until Q2 of 2023, and towards the end of this period, we will release the roadmap for Q3 and Q4 of 2023.
Roadmap CrodeoApes

Launch new corporate identity.

Start marketing campaign to put CrodeoApes on the Cronos NFT map again.

Announce the base ammount for the trading wallet, the wallet that should bring holders passive income.

Announce financial structure of the trading wallet. Profit distribution, compounding profits, what % will be available for what cause (Trading bot, traders collective).

Resume Ai trading bot, made possible by our special partner - MotherOfAllBots ($MOAB)

Reach out to as many holders as possible and bring them the good news.

Start reaching out to traders and build a collective of traders who will help growing the trading wallet.

Set goal of 20% profit on the trading wallet each month.

 Find a rythm with the CrodeoApes Traders Collective to manage the wallet, figure out the best logistic way.

 Grow collective of traders who will help growing the trading wallet.

Launch CrodeoApes The Complete Alliance collection.

Give all holders of the First Alliance and Reinforcements Alliance the possibility to claim an NFT from the Complete Alliance Collection for every CrodeoApes NFT they own at this point.

Grow CrodeoApes following on all socials.

To be continued...

Join The Alliance, invest in the future

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The comeback of CrodeoApes The CrodeoApes NFT project on Cronos is making a comeback and will soon release its updated roadmap. We extend our congratulations to all holders of the first 2 collections for their unwavering support. Together, let’s rebuild and establish our presence in the market. We’re here for the long haul and committed to achieving success. New CrodeoApes NFT Roadmap to Launch on February 26th, Bringing Exciting Opportunities for Holders and Investors. Join the Alliance and Invest in the Future. Yeeehawww! Why were changes made to the upcoming roadmap? We have recently made changes to our roadmap to

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